Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why on earth do heartland Singaporeans behave the way they do. They refuse to feel past their "self" and appear to be totally ignorant to others and their immediate surrounding.
They dont seem to possess any spatial cognisance and fail to realise the consequences of their actions and therefore if every individual continue to act this way the total sum of such actions results in the accumulated failure of the "nation".

Today at the bus-stop, scores were waiting for feeder buses to transfer to the Interchange and therefore make their way to work during rush hour.

The bus that arrived could not allow any more boarding, but as soon as the bus moved and drove by, these scores of people left in the bus-stop, could clearly see that actually there was space in the bus at the back, as the commuters refused to squeeze and move in. I just wonder what were in their minds as they saw this scene. Did they then realise that they should be less selfish like those in the bus, and next time they are in the bus, to squeeze up a little, and not deny others to board to get to work? Or did they just say, I need to do the same to reap vengence......hack who cares!?'s not my fault....I can't save the World!